About Ulyanovsk

The Ulyanovsk region is situated in the middle of the Volga, in the southeast of the European part of Russia. The beneficial geographical location in the middle of industrially urbanized and compactly populated Volga Federal District build the district an gorgeous center for logistics and transport system of federal and international level.

The region has a high consumer potential. In the west, it boundary on the Penza region along with Republic of Mordovia in the north - on the Chuvash and Tatarstan Republics, in the east side on the Samara sector, and in the south on the Saratov sector. The distance between Ulyanovsk and Moscow is 874 km. The square footage is 36.2 thousand sq. km (0.23% of the area of the Russian Federation). Main rivers are the Volga, the Sviyaga, the Sura, the Cheremshan. The length of the Volga River in the region is more than 201 km. The Climate is moderately continental. The average January temperature is between -11.5 and -13. The average temperature in July varies from +17 to +21. Soil consists of black earth (25.6%) and grey forest ones (43.5%). Forests cover 27 % of the territory.