Ulyanovsk State University Campus Life

The campus of Ulyanovsk State University is vibrant and modern in every sense. The environment is so safe and comfortable that all the enrolled international students can foster new friendships. The education system of the university has developed with the time and has also incorporated various social, and scientific developments over time. The history of Ulyanovsk State University has developed and progressed with humanity’s achievements in the last century, and it continues to develop even today. In the past also, and now also, the university has been very much concerned and is taking full care of all the students, staff, researchers, and professors, in terms of education and other kinds of support. Ulyanovsk State University has a very easy and hassle-free admission process along with an enjoyable environment for studying MBBS in Russia. Even the teaching style at this university is very modern. The university promotes extracurricular activities in a great way as they believe that for a student’s holistic development taking part in extracurricular activities is very much important. Sport, research, and drama are all souls of the Ulyanovsk State University. The campus of the university is very much safe for all the local and international enrolled students. At Ulyanovsk State University, there is no place for hate, bullying, or racism within the campus premises. It is a safe campus for all the students with the best education, along with the best accommodation facility and state-of-the-art infrastructure, and all sorts of cuisines.

Hostel and Accommodation at Ulyanovsk State University

Ulyanovsk State University is one of the largest and leading institutions in Russia for the last 29 years. The university is not only known for its vibrant culture and affordable MBBS education but is also known for its facilities for all the enrolled students. Ulyanovsk State University is known for its vibrant and safe environment. Ulyanovsk State University and the administration always prioritize the comfort, security, and hygiene of each and every enrolled student. Ulyanovsk State University majorly focuses on providing safe and comfortable accommodation to all the enrolled international students so that they can have a safe and comfortable stay for the coming 6 years while they study MBBS in Russia. All the international students are offered safe accommodation in the university hostels with all the basic amenities that are mandatory for a safe and comfortable stay. The rooms are allocated on the twin or triple sharing basis of the same genders. All the rooms of the hostels come with full facilities like high-speed internet access, fully-furnished rooms, GYM, self-kitchen with the option of self-cooking, attached and clean washrooms, centralized heaters, medical center, laundry facilities, along with Indian mess with healthy, nutritious, and hygienic food.

The hostels of Ulyanovsk State University are neat, clean, and beautiful. All the hostels are equipped with full security, CCTV, camera zone, and are always under the supervision of strict male and female wardens. All the hostel rooms feature beds, study tables, and wardrobes. No outsider is allowed to enter the hostel, especially the girl’s hostel without the permission provided by the Dean’s office. The floors of the hostels are cleaned and sanitized regularly to maintain a high quality of hygiene. The safety and security of international students is the topmost concern for the university and its authorities. There are strict rules made for use of the hostel premises, therefore the hostels are safe for living for enrolled international students.

Particular attention is paid to creating a safe living environment. The dormitories are equipped with an automatic fire alarm and voice warning system.

Indian Students on the Campus of Ulyanovsk State University

There is no denying the fact that Indian students occupy a good number at the Ulyanovsk State University. To date, the university has successfully graduated several Indian students and many are still pursuing research there. The only reason behind the good number of Indian students being at the university is the minimum requirement of marks for MBBS admission. There is no doubt that MBBS is the most sought-after degree amongst aspiring Indian medical students. The requirement to seek admission for MBBS at Ulyanovsk State University is not that much complicated, all you need to have a 50 percent mark in the 12th standard in the science stream with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and NEET qualification card. The Indian students acquire a great number and great participation in all the cultural and sports activities organized by the university for the betterment and holistic development of each and every enrolled student.

As there are many Indian students who enroll every year at Ulyanovsk State University seeking admission in various medical programs like general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, the environment of the university campus is very simple for new and international students to adjust and acclimatize to a new place and culture with the help of friendly and caring university staff and other local students.

As Russia and India have consistently had an extraordinary relationship with each other, the two nations have consistently grasped each other’s culture with incredible and amazing positive energy. So, studying MBBS at Ulyanovsk State University will definitely help all enrolled Indian students to grow overall.

Indian Mess at the Ulyanovsk State University Hostels

For a safe and comfortable stay for all enrolled Indian students, the university also offers Indian mess to all Indian students so that they don’t miss the feeling of home while being away from home. The Indian food prepared at the hostel mess is under the guidance of Indian chefs. The university administration is very much particular about the standards and quality of the food prepared at the hostel mess. The Indian food offered to all enrolled Indian students is available at the subsidized rates. North Indian, South Indian, and other Indian cuisine are available in the Indian mess of the hostel. The food is not only healthy and delicious but is also very nutritious and hygienic. Indian students will be able to cherish all the tasty Indian delicacies just like the taste of their home. While being miles away from their home, the Indian food at the Ulyanovsk State University will always keep them closer to their homes.

Student Union and The Student Council at The Ulyanovsk State University

Ulyanovsk State University also comprises student self-government bodies, known as the Student Union and the Student Council along with various other communities such as the Student Club and Sports Club to help and guide all the enrolled international students. All these student organizations work closely with the Office of Youth Policy, which in general is responsible for coordinating all the student’s activities at the university level. Not only this, if any students have any concern or face any problem can always reach up to the president of the Student Council and seek guidance or help, whatever is necessary.

Ulyanovsk State University’s Student Union is a completely independent public organization that only focuses on representing the rights and the interests of all the local and international enrolled students at the Ulyanovsk State University. The head of the Student Union is Petr. Ofitserov, who works closely together with the union committee including the deputy head and another representative of the university faculties who are part of the Student Union Council.

Any student who wants to be a part of the Student Union needs to know that it is a membership-based organization. Students joining the Students Union Council are eligible for the below-mentioned benefits during their 6 years stay at the university hostel while they study MBBS in Russia.

The benefits of being a member of the Student Union Council are as follow-

  • Protection of their social and economic rights

  • Free legal advice

  • Material aid in difficult situations

  • Christmas gifts for their children

  • Monitoring of living conditions in the dormitory

  • Student Union awards and other benefits for active participation in the extracurricular life

  • Movie tickets at reduced prices

  • Monitoring of scholarships distribution

  • Opportunities for self-expression and realization of their creative ideas.

All of this is for a membership fee of 3% of the student’s scholarship.

The Student Union Council organizes a large variety of events and various kinds of celebrations throughout the whole academic year, such as billiards, bowling, paintball, rock-climbing tournaments, various kind of contests titled Student leader, The cleanest dorm room, and other cultural celebrations like the major festival celebrations. Not only that, but the students also get the chance to participate in various such events, but also the chance to be their organizers. One such example is a corporate game of the Institute of Economic and Business “The Running University” which was invented and carried out by the student leaders of the Faculty of Management with the support of the Ulyanovsk State University Student Union Council.

The Student Union Council also includes the Headquarters of Student Construction Teams, which traces its history back to 2009. The Ulyanovsk State University student construction teams have always contributed to the construction of Olympic venues in Sochi, a residential area in the city of Ekaterinburg, the “Yamal” megaproject, and numerous other construction projects all over Russia.

Sports & Extracurricular at The Ulyanovsk State University

Apart from studies, the university organizes various other activities for students and also encourages them to participate in all of them. If an enrolled student shows interest in sports and other curricular activities then there is also an extra platform offered by the university for the students to work with. For example, a student can also take part in Olympiads through such platforms they can play national and internal matches as per their skill set. There are various kinds of sports clubs available for the students, like the swimming club, boxing club, and other different clubs for the students so that they can also be a part of such activities apart from devoting their time to studying. To keep students motivated and their minds refreshed, there is also the facility of Indoor Games and various other activities available for students to choose and select.

Spots and Fitness Complex of the Ulyanovsk State University

The Sports and Fitness complex of the Ulyanovsk State University offers the following facilities to all the enrolled local and international students-

  • “Aqua Club” swimming pool.

  • Gym

  • Sports and fitness center which includes a gymnasium, a workout facility, a fitness studio, an auxiliary room.

  • The Stadium has an artificial synthetic coating with a football pitch, run tracks 4 × 400 m, circle tracks, and tracks on the straight 6 × 100, a volleyball court, two basketball courts, an outdoor gym, a jumping place, a 1000 seat tribune

  • Multipurpose sports complex with a gymnasium, a wrestling court, an artistic gymnastics’ hall, a boxing ring a fitness studio, a therapeutic exercise gym, and a number of auxiliary rooms

  • Fitness (disciplines: step, aerobics, strength training, pilates, yoga, dancing styles, fitness for children).

  • Volleyball — Tues, Thurs, Fri. 4.30 — 7.30 pm.

  • Football — Mon, Fri. 6.00 to 7.00. pm.

  • Table Tennis

  • Basketball — Mon, Wed, Fri. 4.30 −7.30. pm.

During the winter season, students can also hire skis and skates and enjoy the season to the fullest.

Summing everything up, the campus life of Ulyanovsk State University is very happening and enjoyable. All the international MBBS students will have a great time being part of this institution and will enjoy the company of the locals at its best. We can assure that student life is the time in an individual’s life during which a student develops at the most extreme rate, be it in a physical sense or mental growth and development. A perfect and healthy campus life helps in the overall development of each and every enrolled student. And one can experience the same at the Ulyanovsk State University and that too at an affordable budget. Studying MBBS at Ulyanovsk State University will give all the international students the chance to meet new individuals coming from different cultures, and also make new friends, and lastly develop as an individual. In short, being a part of the Ulyanovsk State University will not only give educational opportunities to all the enrolled Indian medical students but will also give them intellectual opportunities to become better humans.